Akita peeing on bed

I just don't think he has it in him. As the disease advances, the symptoms begin to create a feedback loop revolving around consumption and excretion. Nicole, 5year old Bella Boxer , and 4year old Saya Shiba inu. Is it just because he's young about a year or do submissive akitas exist more than most people let on? They are the ones who stay behind while the Alphas would lead the hunt for food and generally mind the store. I personally think it's bad if you don't do it before y'all sleep.
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Re: Akita LOVES her crate... but pees in it anyway!

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Understanding urine-marking

I actually think it's likely all dogs are different, and I'm not convinced you can even tell what they're going to be like--it may not be reflective of their early training necessarily though it could be. Any help or advice would be really appreciated! His accidents were not during the day or night but when everyone was home and there was lots of activity going on and he was playing and active with us or our older shiba. Its only been the past couple of days, and today its been quite bad and she's done it about 5 times. There was no way Zora could have gone two hours in those first weeks though she was always fine overnight, oddly enough.
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Submissive and Excitement Urination in a Puppy

They can be provoked if somebody or something were to hurt the other pack members. If not, he remains wary, but doesn't display any aggression. We go for walks sometimes, we certainly play fetch and whatever they like, but I don't really have a schedule. Typically dogs who are more aggressive mark the perimeter of the house to let other dogs know the house is being protected. In some more moderate locations, vets advise preventative parasite medication be taken continually. Yes, they get to go to the dog park nearly every day when I'm in town, specifically the spacious hiking parks where we are not just standing around, but actually walking and constantly moving.
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Penny was significantly smaller than the rest of her litter mates, but she's always been a confident, outgoing little dog. I have had a lot of dogs growing up, some crate trained and some not, so I feel confidant in my ability to handle dogs. Was this post helpful? Xerxes Do you have a larger pic of Ogre? But he was definately the Master of His Domain. He is the lowest ranking dog in my pack- below the 10 pound chihuahua, even below the puppy. How common is it for akitas to be fine with other dogs?
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