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This is not intended to be a definitive list of the major multi-author Stargate SG-1 Fanfic Archives out there on the net. Allies and Adversaries Many enduring friends and enemies appeared for the first time in episodes Robert Cooper wrote: Will their reunion make or break their friendships with the men that they love Area52hkh Rated NC What You Already Know: It's not my usual fare, being very sweet, but it's such a nice change to find a good fic. The reviewer had commented that she'd only read about half-way through as she didn't find it worth the effort of finishing it. A blinding streak of red darted across his path.

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How do you make that process work, taking into account the constraints of working online? A director hopefully tries to achieve the vision of the writer with the time and money allotted. Only then do they fully appreaciate his contribution and desperately want him back. All Jack, all the time. We get the polar opposites of, we want to see shipping, and non-shipping. The issue was that the damned gunny had called him at two am! Teammate will battle teammate while around them Atlantis itself falls victim to a nasty virus.

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Or, Gibbs asks an old friend for help However, their arrival brings complications for everyone — revealing a lie, a prophecy, a secret and a nemesis. Its adult het rated stories can be found at Helio 2. What's not know is if you're going to get a boy or a girl, and John likes girls, he doesn't want to be married to a boy. Add to that a high number of original characters who are competent, but not Mary-Sue-ish in the slightest, and this story would win on ingenuity alone, even if the author weren't so good at depicting a hesitant Jack and Daniel finally finding each other. Kellum finds that his parents had another child, Jeannie, before they were killed. Meeting Strangers also posted as Random Strangers.
There was also an incredibly long fight sequence with Cameron Mitchell fighting a human-Replicator hybrid. Stargate Novel Archive Exactly like the title suggests, there are no short stories to be found here! Complete not marked as such though 6, words. Jack had never realized how worked up you could get trying to relax. This is a rattling good yarn where Daniel is in his element and the team has fun in the sauna.

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