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American Anthropological Association; Breeding males have a noticeably dark plumage with a brilliant yellow bill. Eiders are arctic-adapted, diving, sea ducks breeding in the tundra or northern forests and wintering in coastal waters. Breeding males have a black head with a green gloss, a distinct oval white patch in front of and below the eyes, a white body with a black back, rump, and tail, and parallel black lines extending from the back to the sides. Boiling was preferred, as this produced a thick broth to take with the meal [13]. Known as petit garrot in French, Buffleheads are the smallest of all North American diving ducks, weighing between and g, with a large rounded head, a short narrow dark bill, white underparts, speculum, and tail, and a white patch behind the eye on an otherwise dark head.

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Hunting Knowing the flight patterns of Mallard flocks, Coast Salish hunters would set poles and aerial nets in areas where they frequently passed. On dark, stormy nights, the flocks would take cover in coves and hunters would startle and blind the birds with firelight, making the ducks easily caught with arrows, nets, spears or even by hand [96, ]. Forget about six-packs, because fatter men have greater sexual stamina. They forage underwater, from 1 to 5 m deep, and feed mainly on insects and on some plant materials. I just found this to be funny. When the ducks arrived, they were in easy range for the arrows [93]. The Archaeology of the Beothuks.

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Moose - Deer Island House People: Hunters in canoes would trap the birds in nets or spear them. They forage underwater, from 1 to 5 m deep, and feed mainly on insects and on some plant materials. The Kutchin would also cut open the sternum and breast to lay the duck flat. Diving Ducks - Harlequin Duck Supplier:
They are known to be predated by pike. My Life with the Eskimo. Many carried out duck hunting from the water in daylight using canoes, nets and snares. These were then smoked and stored for later use [67]. Decoys made of tule reed frames covered in bird skin helped to lure the flocks [53]. When flying, their wings make a distinct whistling sound, for which they are sometimes referred to as whistlers.

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