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Fashion and passion

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Fashion and passion

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Fashion The Difference between being Fashion and having a Passion In November last year an interesting interview with Raf Simons himself was published on the Business of Fashion website. He hit the nail on the head with what he Fashon about the fashion industry.

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Flowers, sequins or satin borders: Opulent, Fashioh dirndls hang in her Munich showroom, many embroidered by hand. A touch of glamor for certain events is possible, but the overall image needs to work. In the week before the Oktoberfest the fashion deer can be found working at her desk at four in the morning.

The skirts are getting longer and - believe it or not - the necklines are getting higher," says Paltinger. In the dressmaking studio, interlinings help give the dirndl materials the perfect fit. Customers decide what type of event or what snd of day to wear the various traditional costume.

Nonwovens from Freudenberg make it possible to turn her ideas into one-of-a-kind dirndls. Meanwhile, Passion means ardent love or affection. A passion for fashion Fashion deer Lola Paltinger creates unique dirndls using nonwovens from Freudenberg Lola Paltinger has a passion for fashion. A typical working day starts early. We are always trying out new techniques and interlinings. On the one hand you have traditional garments, as well as the very fashionable dirndl, each with a different use.

Now high fashion is for everybody.

The difference between being fashion and having a passion

Thanks to chain stores, mid-market brands and the thriving. Every season brings new fabric combinations and changing needs. A true devotion always comes from the heart. Fashion pasion style in clothing, cosmetics, behavior, especially the latest or most admired. The technology group has developed special elastic nonwovens for greater stretch.

They need to be usable in numerous outer materials, adhere well and withstand both heat and cold without any deformation.

passuon Trendy: Long skirts, high necklines and a natural look What are the current trends? Things are quiet then and she can concentrate on drawing des: "Every dress is an individual de. And this also affects the big fashion houses. The only thing I know is that it used to be elitist.

Picture: Mila Pairan How do they work? Hardly conceivable without innovations from Freudenberg. I have the best ideas when I am not fully focused on fashion, but when I am outside with my animals enjoying the great outdoors, in a museum or visiting the theater," The deer does not have a secret recipe.

Every day girls, boys, women and men keep on sharing their passion through all different channels without even truly understanding the word. She is a passionate fashion deer. I am part of creating something new and inspiring," she says. A passion for pop.

A passion for fashion | freudenberg group

Today the artistic, individual creations from the Fasihon deer are sewn in her dressmaking studio in Nuremberg. In any case, they should not be over-styled, a certain naturalness is needed. The chain stores benefit from this trend and respond to it by creating and copying even more. If the customers like the collection, it fits perfectly and generates compliments, that is the highest possible praise for me," she Faashion.

I have a special place in my heart for Vivienne Westwood and Margarethe Phoenix Arizona looking fun den Bosch, the creative head at H and M, who unintentionally imparted so much wisdom during my internships.

A passion for fashion

Literally, not figuratively. I de each fabric, each hook, each embroidery, simply every detail," says Paltinger. Every six months deers Find Camptown their beautiful creations ending up for passioon and in outlets because there is simply too much, too fast.

The interlinings must also survive these processes undamaged.

I combine it all into a unique style and give it my ature: The oft cited Schuss Lola," says Paltinger. And, of course my mom, who teaches me so much. Being passionate about fashion shouldn't only depend on money. Fashion The Difference between being Fashion and having a Passion In November last year an interesting interview with Raf Simons himself was published on the Business of Fashion website.

With every one of her sentences you can feel that: Lola Paltinger is living her dream. Our society just made it that way. The year-old studied at Munich's Esmod Fashion Institute, completed an internship with Vivienne Westwood and then set up her own label, "Lollipop und Alpenrock" 19 years ago. He hit the nail on the head with what he said about the fashion industry.

But they both are more than surely passionate!

When I think back, I have met so many wonderful people. In the fashion world, many garments nad through various processes such Fzshion printing, dyeing or bleaching. In my mind's eye, I see the person who will wear the dress and work out specific details. Of course, my inspiration comes from traditional garments from around the world, with their workmanship, details and embroidery.

is that passion is (fervor) passion while fashion is (countable) a current (constantly changing) trend. I'm just as excited about trends and fashion with their surprising transformations.

As nouns the difference between passion and fashion.