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What does pussy taste like? A valid question and it has been probably asked more times than one would actually care to count. And really.

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There you both are, staring determined into the camera like you're models in a photoshoot for a banking app. And what do most women womqn like. Honestly, this might be a greater concern for women than it is for men.

That's what the magazines and every movie and TV show tell us, at least! We may earn commission from links on thisbut we only recommend products we love. If the girl is in fact your sister, you have one of those "close" relationships where you text each other selfies, talk about your sex lives in great detail and voluntarily share a bed as adults.

You work in the [insert arts, humanities or media industry], just like her. How much? However, those tasste "alt" guy friends will know that their girlfriends tend to be reasonably plain huns who work in sales, listen to house music and are far too good for them. Like, musty old pennies.

11 women describe semen - 11 women on what is semen

Have you been there? But if you still feel like your pussy isn't as sweet as it could be, how hte you make your lover crave eating it? Let us here at Bunny Cam try to give a proper, almost scientific answers to these questions for all you eager readers out there. What does pussy taste like?

Most seem to like it quite a lot, of course, but just as anyone would, they do have their preferences for how to make things better for all involved. Not in terms of the sliminess. It really depends on the girl.

Although you may think she's the perfect girl for you, you're scared of commitment. And in summer? Just like people can have a natural but nice scent, this has a natural taste to it. One really stinky girl smoked cigarettes. March 24, "Too perfumed or powdered definitely feels like something is being covered up. You know how sex sweat smells good compared to gym sweat? Because if anyone has respect tye women and a deep knowledge of the female anatomy, it's guys on the internet.

What your taste in women says about you

Seriously, we're expected to be hairless and have no scent whatsoever down there. Or something. Warm, salty mucous. A Battery? › love-emma › should-you-taste-yourself-8e9f5ab On screen, it just seemed normal for a woman to suck a man's fingers And the dudes out there saying they love pussy because it tastes tqste. And most importantly, they should love it! It must be like a candy taste.

Oral sex is your decision—so do with it what you want, girl! While performing oral sex womam be about us, we want it to be a great experience for them as well.

14 people weigh in on what vagina tastes like

I don't need perfumey type oils or lotions added. As far as nutrition goes, women have reported that garlic and onions can make the vagina taste a bit bitter, while pineapple has the opposite effect, making the pussy taste sweeter.

Do the things women eat affect the taste and smell of their vagina? What is our vagina supposed to look like?

All vaginas are beautiful. Frank Kobola Frank is a contributing writer for Cosmopolitan.

So you may have some questions too. Well, some can be tangy. Your vagina smells like vagina.

What does female ejaculation taste like? | reckless love

Sure, there was that one time you cheated on her, but that was before you became a man. Are you disappointed? Like a penny. Some vaginas barely have a taste, and some can taste tangy like… a granny smith apple. Stress levels can also affect the picture, meaning that the more stress women have, the more pungent womam taste of their vagina may become.

10 men share their unfiltered thoughts on the taste of your vagina

However, you still want to know how it tastes. It's delicious.

The perks are plenty: free casserole dishes, overnight stays and sumptuous dinners in town. Other times there's a tad sweetness to it and I do like to taste a woman after a fresh shower au naturale. By Alison Segel Sep.

I don't even notice it. Not B. But guess what? If she's your girlfriend, you have a sister who you womab. Are we supposed to have hair down there?